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Eyes Have Muscles T o o

Bugs and Buttons ~This is a fun game that helps children build visual tracking and visual motor skills.

Captain Lazy Eye ~Developed in conjunction with optometrists, this app helps develop visual acuity plus helps to correct amblyopia.

Cut the Buttons HD ~This app lets kids play with scissors while developing visual motor abilities.

Dexteria ~This app helps you develop visual-motor integration skills.

Eye Movement Training ~ This app helps with tracking and teaming.

Engaging Eyes ~provides a whole suite of apps to help with visual processing difficulties, including eye tracking, fixation, and focusing.

Highlights Hidden Pictures ~Based off the popular magazine, these find-the-picture games help children develop figure ground and visual discrimination skills.

Letter Cross Tracking ~The child has to look across to find the right letters to play the game. This helps develop tracking skills needed for reading.

LetterReflex ~ This apps helps a child overcome letter reversals and backwards writing.

Look Again (Lite) ~Finding the right shape is the goal of this game, and it helps to develop visual discrimination, scanning, figure ground and scanning skills.

Matrix Game 3 ~A more challenging matching game, Matrix Game 3 helps children develop spatial relations, form constancy and visual discrimination.

One Minute Mania ~A quick, find-the-object game, this helps children develop visual discrimination and scanning skills.

Piano Tiles ~Not specifically created for visual issues, but doctors recommend this app because it helps with tracking and saccades development.

Pickup Sticks ~Helps to develop figure-ground visual perception.

P.O.V. for Spatial Reasoning ~Through manipulating objects on your iPad, you can help your eyes develop spatial relationship skills which will improve your spatial reasoning.

Simon Says ~A play on the traditional in-person game, the app tells kids what to do and they follow along. This helps them develop visual sequencing memory and visual memory.

Vision Tap ~This app contains several games that help with various visual tasks including eye-hand coordination, tracking and teaming.

Visual Attention Therapy (LIte) ~Originally created for stroke and brain injury survivors, this app is a great tool for helping to develop focus, visual scanning, and visual discrimination.

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