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Thank you for your interest in Developmental & Behavioral Consultants.  Getting started with DBC is simple.  

Consulting services are based on three month time periods.  Each begins with an evaluation conducted by Alison Wimmer.  This evaluation is based on neurodevelopmental models, nutritional and biomedical recommendations, social abilities, family dynamics, resources the family has access to, as well as many other techniques and methodologies Alison has received certification in over the last 30 plus years.

The client's success with the program is based on several factors.  Ongoing communication and input between Alison and the family are important, to be most effective the program needs to be implemented as it is written.  Any issues with implementation, be it time, or not fully understanding the reason the exercises have been assigned, can cause the individual to not progress as planned.  Alison will make changes to the program as frequently as necessary to ensure both the parent and the child are comfortable and consistent with the program.


Once the evaluation has been completed, the family will receive a plan which is specifically written for the individual.  The recommended time spent on the program will take into consideration all aspects of the child's life.  This will NOT be something you need to drop your life for.  You are expected to continue to be able to care for yourself and your other family members as well.

First, if you have questions you will want to contact Alison Wimmer via phone or email.  At this time you will be able to discuss your needs, choose which service plan will work best for you.  Alison provides a variety of options, but if they do not fit your specific needs she can certainly customize a service to suit you.  


Next, you will need to download the history form below and return it via email.  Upon receipt of History and application form and deposit of $300, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.  The balance is due the day before the appointment.

Often, Alison will give you "homework" to do prior to seeing your child for the first time.  This will help ensure success from the first meeting on!

A revisit evaluation is scheduled with the family at the end of the prior evaluation.  It is important to maintain a regular revisit scheduled evaluation in order to keep the plan and instructional level appropriated for your child's increasing skills and progressing development.  

History Forms

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