In February of 2019 our 30-year-old son Zack, was headed to our home in Midland to work on his truck.  He was in a terrible car accident which he was not expected to survive.  Through the Medical team, nurses who went out on a limb to guide us, hands-on therapy "mom style", and the grace of God, he won his battle.  

Just a few days before his accident, with his Grandpa, younger brother and sister

His niece Emmy's 1st birthday celebration. The Sunday before his life changed forever. 

The aftermath, Zack's truck is black.  Girl in silver car suffered a broken ankle.  

After receiving the call of the accident, I rushed back to Texas.  It was 1 am and he was very critical.  

Prayers and touch, talking and love.

Zack always loved hearing his sister's voice.  Now his vitals were responding well to her touch and voice.

Moving him from Midland to a level one trauma center, even there was no guarantee he would make the transfer.  We knew if he stayed he would soon die.

Day one, they had begun to repair his broken bones.  He was still VERY unstable.

Zack was still fighting for his life.  The doctors told me to keep doing what I was doing.  At this point I was doing tactile and muscle stimulation, music for brain healing, and cold laser therapy. 

Slowly he began to open his eyes when they decreased his coma medication.  He was able to communicate with his eyes.

He needed to wiggle his toes to show that he was responsive and his brainstem was not damaged.  Those toes were rubbed for several hours a day.  I snuck a daily pedicure in with the stimulation.  

Eventually, they found it necessary to put in a trach.  It was good as they could regulate his breathing better.  We could see his smile and he could mouth words.  Though he was still hard to understand it was good to see him being able to communicate.

He was desperately trying to breathe and had many invasive procedures as his lungs continued to fail.  I started to laser his lungs and other organs several times throughout the day and night.  

Alison and Matthew Wimmer

Developmental & Behavioral Consultants