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Meet my new friend Bas - a World Champion MMA fighter

You can purchase his trainer by clicking this link

Bas and Alison

Bas Rutten and I met through dear long time friends.  I was able to help him with a prior fight injury.  While we were talking, he told me about a product he created to help individuals strengthen their lungs.  

I am a fan of this device and highly recommend it.   

In his words...

This product is very personal to me. I had asthma as a boy, and I remember how hard it was just to catch my breath. Every 6 weeks or so I was bed-ridden for up to a week because I could not get enough air into my lungs and because of that couldn’t even eat!

It was at that time, as a sick boy, about 14 years old, that I first thought of the O2LungTrainer. Because when I would recover from the asthma attack, I would feel the air enter my lungs much more easily and immediately felt stronger. But why? I was asking myself. Well, that question was answered soon when I saw a drawing of a pair of lungs at the doctor’s office on the wall. The poster also showed a healthy bronchial tube and an infected bronchial tube next to it. I realized there that I was pulling air in through my infected bronchial tubes for a week, so unknowingly, I was making my inspiratory system stronger since I was breathing in with resistance! With the infection gone and the bronchial tubes completely open, now it was much easier to pull the air in!

So, I needed to come up with a device with which I could control my air intake.

Many years later at the behest of close friends, I finally put my idea into action. I engineered a device to control the air intake and make your inspiratory system stronger. Now, and with the help of the O2LungTrainer, my lung and diaphragm muscles are very strong, and my asthma is completely cured (this happened within 3 weeks).

I patented my new device and am offering it to you. My close friends and the Elite Special Forces, SEALS, SWAT, Law Enforcement, Marines, Homeland security, etc. whom I train have been using the O2LungTrainer prototypes for a while. Everybody loves the way their lungs feel now. To see the rewards other people have gained by using my O2LungTrainer is very gratifying to me.

Initially designed with athletes in mind, the O2LungTrainer is used by people from all walks of life. Great for asthma patients, musicians who play horns or orchestral wind instruments as well as singers, yoga practitioners and scuba divers can benefit tremendously when using my O2LungTrainer for enhanced lung training and endurance.

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