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What We Do
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We provide a thorough assessment that includes behavior, social skills, and academic ability.  We also discuss and assist with nutrition and supplementation. We will then explain how the developmental "pieces" we discover relate to your loved one's symptoms, issues, and concerns.  

A program is written specifically for him/her.  You are taught how to carry out that program at home and receive support in the process. If you plan to home school we can write the program for home educating your child. If your loved one is in a day school or works full time,  we can offer suggestions for a program conducted after school/work and on weekends. 

In between evaluations you will receive support via Skype, phone, or email.  It is encouraged that you maintain a strong level of communication with your support person to allow for changes in the program as your loved one progresses through their daily activities. After the initial evaluation and support period, we will meet again for a revisit evaluation.  

What to expect at the assessment:

We will look at all aspects of the following areas:

- reflex integration

- skill acquisition

- tactility and sensory function

- receptive and expressive language

- auditory function

- visual function

- auditory sequential, tonal, and rate processing and visual processing,

- auditory and visual short term memory function

- auditory and visual long term memory function

- fine motor abilities

- gross motor abilities 

- information processing including receiving, processing, storing, and utilizing information

- thinking skills

- learning style

- cognitive function

- diet and supplementation

- assessment of educational function utilizing standardized tests when indicated

- evaluation of function in the areas of social skills, behavior, and self-help

-self-esteem and confidence 

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~There are no special needs people, they are just people with special needs~

from infants to geriatrics
We work with all ages
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