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One of my sweet adult clients sent me this,  Her name is Ann she is 87 years old. 


I had brain surgery several months ago and because of you, I have my life back.  I am driving and working in my antique business again.  Your hard work with me for those many months means so incredibly much to me,  I love you Alison, Ann.

Alison: River had a stroke in utero, diagnosed with Autism (and used to be) non verbal. Would not engage with others, would not sit to eat, or feed himself. Would not sleep, stimmed all day long and much of the night.  The family was in survival mode.  Doctors have given him all kinds of other diagnosis’ but to me he is just River, an 11 year old boy who is Smart, Strong and Driven. 


Caleb:  From day one Alison blew the minds of everyone in my family including myself. She came in guns blazing with a plan of action. I am the older brother of one of Alison's clients. My 9 year old brother had an intense obsession with baby toys that made sounds or played songs and music. His obsession with these toys derived from where it would take him in his mind he would be taken to another world. In that world he would stim to the point that it took over his life at that point it was out of his control. In the worst-case scenario he would just start to cry because in his mind he didn't want to stim on them but his body made it a need for him kind of like an addiction. It was a constant battle being waged in his head.


So, when Alison came in for her first time to meet with my family and to make the acquaintance of my little brother her first plan of action was she said “all of those toys need to go”. They needed to go because they were holding my brother back from his potential. She wanted us to do it “cold turkey”.  We did and what we started to notice right away was amazing!


My brother was becoming more verbal and expressive, being more creative and playing with other things using his imagination. He started being more spatially aware and cognitive. He now can walk up the stairs holding onto the railing just with someone behind him as a safety net. He can pull on his own shirts with a little help.  He's more tolerant to being touched and in doing activities such as brushing his teeth and hair. The change that I've experienced with him is above every single expectation that I had set for Alison. She took the “bull by the horns” and turned every situation into something beautiful. Seeing how far my brother has come in just the past year or so is outstanding!  Alison is a true inspiration, in my eyes a gift from God with the knowledge that she has and the kind devotion and determined nature of the amazing person that she is.


She touches everyone that she encounters. Take me for example; before Alison I couldn't for the life of me pass my permit test I kept failing it over and over again. Then here comes Alison!  She gave me ideas and tools on how to help me calm down and retain the information. So guess what!  I passed the test with a perfect score of 100%. Along side trying to pass my permit test I was falling behind in high school but with Alison's help I started passing my tests and doing good in class. Now look at me… I’m a high school graduate attending a trade school with an amazing job, a driver’s license and my own car.


Alison opens the doors that you never knew existed. I am truly grateful to have her be a part of my life. With every piece of my heart I would recommend Alison for anyone because there is no job too big for her. She will find things that you never knew about and she’ll bring them to your attention and she will fix them. God bless you Alison you are a true inspiration.




You have full permission to do with this however you please. Yours Truly, Caleb 


Alison:  Just for the record, Caleb is AMAZING.  HE is a true inspiration!  Not only is he doing all he stated above, but he is also a certified habilitation provider working hands on and helping his brother become the miracle he is!!

“Alison has the unique ability to be seemingly all business while assessing a child, yet she also takes the time to explain and answer questions in depth that are asked of her afterwards. Both my ‘typical’ high ability son and my recovering, formerly autistic daughter adore her!  Alison makes work ‘fun’, and her ability to get children to respond to the best of their ability while she tests them is a testament to her engaging, energetic personality.  There is no one that I would trust more than Alison to evaluate and develop a workable plan for children or adults to help them achieve their full potential.  Alison is superb at explaining details and motivating/ encouraging parents to do their best to help their child.  She is articulate, compassionate/passionate; honest, insightful; knowledgeable, and a joy to “partner with” in my earnest endeavor to do all that I can to help my children maximize their God-given abilities.  She is a blessing to us both personally and professionally!”

Donna S, Indiana

Hello Alison,


My name is Andreas. I am from Arizona. If I recall correctly, you were the individual who helped me overcome my learning disability when I was a student in middle school. I was about 11 or 12 years of age when I began a program through the National Association for Child Development (NACD). I remembered your name and found you through your website,, Developmental & Behavioral Consultants. It has been approximately 12 years later, and I don't even know where to begin to explain how far I have come since then! One of my middle school instructors also assisted me through this program. Looking back, I am very grateful to have had your help which played a significant part in my overall educational career. I believe the exercises that were given to me to practice until our meetings gave me an advantage over all of my classmates. This program did more than just enhance my learning abilities. It motivated me to try new hobbies and to be great at them.


At High School in AZ, I was involved in marching band and lacrosse for extra-curricular activities. In percussion ensembles,

I was given challenging parts. I was even given a solo part for one ensemble, front and center of one in particular amongst my classmates. These ensembles were taken to State competitions. I continued to play lacrosse and stood out in my sport as well. At the end of my senior year, I was recognized for outstanding team commitment. Throughout my 4 years of high school I was on an individualized education plan which consisted of meetings with all of my teachers. They would track my progress and would determine if I would need accommodations in college. I was sent to a psychologist in my local area for an evaluation which consisted of many challenging exercises. There was no doubt that I did my best throughout the evaluation.


May of 2009 was one of the biggest turning points in my life. I felt confident that I did fair in the evaluation. I was looking forward to a successful

College career. My mother came at the very end to go over my results. Before this point, I had  my own vision to continue playing lacrosse at some point

In college. But these words I will never forget: "College is going to be a struggle for you, Andreas.". It seemed he did not believe that I would be successful.

Throughout college if I did not have proper accommodations. I was devastated and could not believe that statement. Regardless of these circumstances,

I kept my mind open and listened to what my new advisors had to say. I still use that statement as motivation today. Throughout my college career,

I worked in retail sales, lead a team of individuals in a temporary summer position, inducted into an honors society, played lacrosse (in college) ran in a  marathon, and graduated from (my) University in December 2013 earning my bachelor's degree in Psychology and general business. Today, I work as an account executive for (a technology firm) in Arizona.


You are an amazing person, and I am very thankful for the services you provided me that were a strong foundation in my education and my

Overall well-being. Again, thank you.


Best Regards,





“Thank you for the awesome responsibility you took on when you agreed to help Luke. God placed you right in front of us and we are so thankful that he did. You knew exactly what to do!”

Janine L. , Arizona


“Alison is a warm, caring individual who does a child’s evaluation as if he were her own. I have recommended her to other mothers who are as happy as I am with her services. To anyone reading this, she has my wholehearted recommendation, both personally and professionally. Matt has had many developmental delays since birth. His delays were many: eating, tactility and sensitivity, speech, social skills, and some physical. The programs that Alison designed over the years addressed all of these issues and Matt has progressed to the point that he now goes to a regular school for three days a week and we home-school the other two.”

Jean C. , Florida


"Alison, We can't thank you enough for the progress you have made with Artie over the last three months. We thought at age 24 he could no longer learn, and we would never get to know our son. We feared for his future once we were no longer able to care for him. He is now speaking sentences and interacting in ways we only dreamed of. We wish you had been part of his education many years ago. We look forward to every session you have with him."

Steve and Amalia S. , Utah

“Bryce’s amazing gains are intertwined with the person that helped us make them.”

Caryn P. , Arizona

“At the very outset during Maggie’s first evaluation with Alison our anxiety over adaptability of the neurodevelopment regimen to accommodate her complete lack of vision was allayed through Alison's positive demeanor. After she assessed Maggie’s specific developmental deficiencies, she produced an immediate influx of hope in my wife and I as to the level of my daughter’s potential. That was no small feat given the years of disappointment we had experienced through many interventions that were less than successful. Not only was Alison adept at reading the cues revealed through Maggie’s performance and responses, she was attentive to parental input and the complete family dynamic.” … “We came to expect honesty from Alison that we got nowhere else. A bond of trust like that is not often achieved, no matter what length of association. The true measure of this confidence is the way Maggie responds to her guidance.”…”Opportunity for follow-up questions or additional instruction on individual programs put together by Alison was always available. Whether by phone or email, geographic distance was not a factor in the relationship. Without reservation I would recommend Alison Wimmer as an asset for your child's well being.”

Carl B. , Florida

"Knowing I was expecting a child who would have complications, I reached out to you.  Right away I felt your compassion for the work you do.  Hiring you to help us with Sierra was the best decision we made.  Contrary to what the doctors told us, you made certain she made her developmental milestones, in "her" time.  She has exceeded our initial expectations and continues to grow and learn with your guidance.  John and I cannot thank you enough."

Bethany L. , Texas

"Being a grandma of a special needs little one is a very hard, yet rewarding role.  The tenderness of your teaching my daughter how to manage Belle's early needs, helping her with breastfeeding, her diet, Belle's proper stimulation made us all realize she was going to not only just be ok.  She was going to be GREAT! Alison, we cannot thank you enough."


Grandma Ellen, California.  

Alison has a wealth of knowledge, great interpersonal skills and a true love of this work, that is a gift!”

Shelly M., Georgia

“Alison has been a wonderful teacher and mentor for me, as a parent, and for my daughter”

Kim Z. , California

"We started an ND program when my son was 6 months old. Seeing good results, I felt something was missing. Meeting an unfamiliar person at an unfamiliar location for a couple hours didn’t seem natural to me or a accurate way to evaluate and get to know my son. We started working with Alison when my son was 2 years old. Alison’s holistic approach was exactly what I was looking for. She takes the time to get to know my son from inside, out, in his environment. She lovingly guides us to each milestone, being my support system along the way. I could not recommend her enough."

Ali Dickenson

(mom) Jean to Matt’s Speech Specialist


…I thought I would tell you that I believe something that Alison started him doing may be a partial explanation as to why Matt is flying through Fast Forward.

She has him establishing his cross pattern crawling and walking, which apparently he never had done right. It was awful at best or nonexistent at worst when she was here (in January 2014). I know what effect this can have, as she helped Matt's next oldest brother Kevin, who is now 20, when he was only 8.5 years old. Kevin could hardly read at all and was reading chapter books within six months after working with Alison on this sort of thing. He also became a better soccer player. :-)

So I know all of this brain plasticity stuff works together but I have observed that Matt needs to be shown what to do, with accompanying rules, before he actually gets it and then runs with it. I think that's what's going on now. He's got it and is just running with it.

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