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Mission Statement


We believe every person has unlimited potential.  Developmental and Behavioral Consultants use evidence-based learning strategies and Neurodevelopmental techniques to create different pathways for the client to achieve their potential and exceed the expectations put on them. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of services by working with the families to establish meaningful goals, building communication and enhancing confidence in their loved ones.

In Addition


Developmental and Behavioral Consultants will provide individualized program plans that target socially valid objectives by utilizing evidence-based teaching strategies to address strengths, sensory issues, gross and fine motor issues, academics, and the overall function of the individual. We will provide families a multitude of strategies and tools to advance their loved one's development, happiness and overall well-being in society.  We will also communicate with your entire team to help them reach their full potential.


Our caseload addresses the needs of every person, from the highly advanced to those with severe learning and developmental issues. Fostering independence for children and adults who may need additional supports for independent living skills.  

Our focus is to work in partnership by continuing to provide strong lines of communication with the families, case management, and funding sources through proactive verbal communication, email and phone correspondence. When requested, IEP services and school/work observations are also offered.


Your Consultants are well versed in the following techniques: Discrete Trial Training, Functional Communication Training, Verbal Behavior, Behavior Modification, Play Skills, Social Skills, The Movement Program, Greenspan, The Listening Program, Adaptive Skills Training and Parent/caregiver Education


Addressing the whole individual is important to help them be the best they can be and THAT is important to us.

Anticipated Outcomes

Developmental and Behavioral Consultants is committed to family education that will teach parents, guardians, grandparents, and/or siblings living at the same home to access behavioral support so they can learn the techniques and exercises to increase their loved ones potential with our services.


Our programs create meaningful and measurable social skills goals with the aim to have a lasting impact on the lives of the clients and families we serve.

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