Introduction to Our Program   $150

           - One hour phone consultation 

           - learn and begin practicing techniques 


Note - Parents/caregivers use this option to see if this is the right option for their loved one and family

Full Day $1250* 

- an assessment conducted in your home/community

- observation and discussion regarding learning              environment     

- program is created

- program is taught to parents/caregivers and portions implemented with your loved one   

- program support via email, text & phone is unlimited

- letters and outside consultation (teachers, service providers,    specialists, etc.)

Partial Day $850*

- 4-hour assessment conducted in your home

- one on one with your loved one

- program created

- program taught to parents/caregivers

- program support via email, text & phone is unlimited

Skype Evaluation $450 

- one hour Skype evaluation and consultation

- program is created

- program is taught to parents

- weekly support via email, text & phone

Note - This is an option for in between in person evaluations

Behavior / Developmental Intervention​ $250

Address & remediate behavioral/developmental/cognitive issues

Consultation    60 min   -discuss up to two specific issues to be targeted

Teaching         20 min   -explain and understand how to remediate

Follow up        15 min    -discuss maintenance and followup if desired


          This can be done via phone/via Skype or in person


1:1 tutoring for established clients $50/hr

Aqua sessions in West Texas $75/hour

Whether it be a diagnosis at birth or later, or a traumatic accident that changed your life, we can help.

Phone consultation for non-established clients $50/hr

In School tutoring on campus, IEP meetings $100/hr

Not finding the package that fits your needs?

Call us and we will create one for you!

* Portion of travel expenses not included.

**Program recommendations are not medical, therapeutic, or psychological prescriptions.  Based on our experience, each individual program represents our suggestions to the family.  Every parent/caregiver needs to assume responsibility for their loved one and make their own decisions as to which specific techniques and methodologies they wish to utilize.  Alison Wimmer nor associates are licensed to practice medicine,  If medical or licensed professional advice is needed, the family is encouraged to consult a licensed physician or other licensed medical professionals.

Alison and Matthew Wimmer

Developmental & Behavioral Consultants