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Let's Get Creative!!

Creative Ideas

Create a treasure basket- add to it

Make art on the window with dry erase markers

Create a story box to retell a favorite story

Use a salad spinner to create some spin art

Paint the bottoms of different objects and use them as stamps. Print with broccoli, peppers, spaghetti, toy cars, muffin tins, cardboard tubes, egg cartons or cookie cutters

Make salt dough and use it to create hand and foot prints, ornaments, leaf prints or letters

Use stickers to tell stories or make quick art work

Use wool to wrap around cardboard shapes, introduce weaving or make a birds nest

Set some toys in jello and dig them out, simply play and explore with it, freeze and defrost it

Play with shaving cream, stir in colors …

Freeze some toys in ice and try and have a race to see who can excavate them the quickest

Construct paper tube chutes out of old paper towel rolls for dropping beans and pom poms

Go on a color hunt and make a giant rainbow collage

Turn a box into a town and draw roads and buildings inside, or turn it into a train track with a station

Set up a role play coffee shop, shoe shop, doctor’s surgery, hospital, post office, library

Practice writing letters and numbers in salt

Use handprints or your hand to measure things

Make catchers from milk jugs and play with a ball

Set up a reading tent and read a pile of books together

Freeze some rice for cool sensory play on a hot day

Paint a table top with chalkboard paint then draw on it, make train tracks and create a city

Make a rainstick

Use shells to create your own fossils in salt dough

Make a pirate map, a treasure chest from a cardboard box, a sandy pirate island and go on adventures

Experiment with magnets

Scrape forks or combs through paint

Make a rain gauge

Paint with fly swatters

Blow paint through a straw

Make wrapping paper and gift tags

Celebrate with a pretend play party

Put paper all over the floor and have a huge doodling session

Make a leaf or flower crown

Thread a rainbow pasta necklace

Paint bubble wrap and use it to make pictures

Crush chalk to make paint

Use household objects to make music

Have an impromptu tea party

Plant a little garden in a garden pot

Paint with cotton balls

Decorate a flower pot and plant seeds

Create land art with natural materials found on a walk

Paint in the bath or on the windows with colored shaving cream

Play with real cooking equipment and dried beans

Cut potatoes to make shapes and then print them in paint

Make glitter sidewalk/ pavement paints for outdoor art work

Create an ocean in a bottle

Change the color of flowers in a science experiment

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