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Developmental and Behavioral Consultants offer comprehensive evaluations that focus on your loved one's function rather than their diagnosis.  Our team will design a program that addresses the needs of your family through a developmental assessment of behavior, social skills, and academic ability.  They will also address reflex integration, discuss and assist with nutrition and supplementation as well as explain how the neurodevelopmental "pieces" we discover relate to their symptoms, issues, and your concerns.  Both Alison and Matthew are diverse in both their training and techniques.  Initially, they studied and implemented ABA techniques with hundreds of individuals.  Through their innate need to further educate themselves, they continued their training with Greenspan, Functional Communication Training, The Movement Program, Brilliant Learning Technique, Listening Therapies, Nutritional Interventions, and Neurodevelopment.  

"God placed you right in front of us and we are so thankful that he did. You knew exactly what to do!”

Matthew and Alison Wimmer
  • ISR Certified Aquatic Behavioral Specialist

  • Approved Provider for ESA Scholarship AZ

  • Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Provider

  • Certified Brilliant Learning Instructor

  • Certified Listening Program Provider

  • Certified Provider for The Movement Program 

  • SUTHE CBD representative - ship worldwide

Serving families worldwide in person and via video calls

Many caregivers just don't know where to start.  Let us be your guide, your "contractor" if you will. We can help you manage all of the aspects as each of them has an important role. 

As a Neurodevelomentalist Alison can help your loved one to function well within their environment.  Matthew has been on the classroom side of things for many years and will be of great benefit when it comes to educational concerns.


With our team's past and continuous training in the latest techniques we are certain to be of great help! 


                               ~Matthew and Alison Wimmer    July 2018

What is Neurodevelopment? 

Academic Achievement

Home and school work

IEP Support


Test taking

Spectrum and Other

Autism and ASD


Sensitivity to sound

Sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to textures

Healthy Eating


Food Allergies

Picky Eaters


Decrease Environmental Exposure



Family Dynamics

Working as a team

Support for caregivers

Managing tasks


Behavioral and Developmental Consultants will provide one-to-one instruction, delivered in a shared, structured format with opportunities for family members to apply their emerging and developing skills.  These services will emphasize teaching and learning about behavioral reduction and skill acquisition for the client and his or her family.  Each family and situation is unique.  The family dynamic is always taken into account to ensure success when the program is administered.  Also, the intervention services will engage parents, guardians, grandparents, and/or siblings to assist in the application of instruction and emphasize training families to acquire skills when managing interfering behaviors and teaching new, functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.


We recognize the need to provide a modified version of Discrete Trial Training for early intervention as an effective empirically validated teaching strategy for our clients. Services will target consumer’s skill deficits in the areas of eye contact, play skills, receptive language, expressive language, pre-academics, social skills, cognitive sequencing, attention span, fine and gross motors skills, expansion of food repertoire, creating flexibility, independent living skills, as well as decreasing inappropriate behaviors and increasing replacement behaviors through skill acquisition and maturation of the individual through neurodevelopmental techniques. Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself. Without this ability, any brain, not just the human brain, would be unable to develop from infancy through to adulthood or recover from brain injury.


It is our goal to provide Adaptive Skills Services to our clients and their families by accessing the needs in the skill domain areas of Socialization, Communication, Personal Hygiene, Self Help, and Community Integration, Community Based Instruction and Participation, academics, addressing and eradicating behavioral concerns.

Goals will be met by utilizing the principles of praise and reinforcement, errorless learning, and shaping.  Working on desensitization Interventions will occur in the most natural environment for the client.  

Programs will be created for the individual encompassing cultural beliefs, safety plans, realistic expectations, empirical strategies, and parent education. Program enhancements will occur as often as possible in between evaluation visits.  


Parent participation is a requirement.  It will support teaching strategies and aid in faster skill acquisition to provide lasting effectiveness and positive long-term outcomes.

Learning can be fun!!
Our family

...the most effective progress is obtained because of the love of a family...

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