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It's that time again...IEP Meeting

IEP Adaptation Checklist

TESTING ADAPTATIONS Modify Format by changing the following: Changing essays to multiple choice Reduce multiple choice to _____ choices No True or False No Essay Provide a word bank (very important one for Gen Ed classes by the way) Matching in groups of five Fill-ins in groups of five Accept short answers Open book or open notes Other: _____________

Allow students to record or dictate answers Reduce spelling list for spelling tests Do not penalize spelling errors, except on spelling list tests Extend time frame or shorten length of test Read test to student Provide study guide prior to test Type written tests Test over smaller units of test material Key directions are to be highlighted Take test in alternative site Allowed to use calculator Other:______________________

ASSIGNMENT ACCOMMODATIONS Uncluttered worksheets Give directions in writing and verbally Write assignments on the board Do not penalize for spelling errors, except on spelling test assignments Show samples as models, visual models Reduce assignment Read written work to student Allow student to word process assignment Provide alternate assignment/strategy when demands of class conflict with student capabilities Avoid penalizing for poor penmanship Allow to use manuscript Allow parental assistance with homework Communicate homework expectations with parents Check for student's lesson comprehension Shorten tasks to accomplish longer tasks Other__________________________

PRESENTATION OF SUBJECT MATTER: Teach to the student's learning style:_____________________________ Read text aloud Small group instruction Provide an accurate copy of notes or key points written on the board or overhead Model lesson being taught Utilize manipulatives Highlight critical information Pre-teach the vocabulary Do not call on to read aloud in class Check students lesson comprehension Study guides Study buddy Other____________________________________

GRADING: Use pass/fail Use a modified scale Credit for partial completion Consider effort in assigning grade Credit for participation Copy of midterms to Special Ed teacher Copy of all midterms to parents Teacher will notify special ed. teacher when grades drop below C- Other:____________________________________

MATERIALS: Audio textbooks or other class material Highlighted textbooks Special equipment: calculator, computer, word processor/spell checker Other_____ Large print books Two sets of books Assignment sheet or planner Behavior monitor sheet High interest: low vocabulary readers Other_________________________________________

MISCELLANEOUS: Avoid timed activities Preferential seating Cues for staying on task Provide a quiet place to work Opportunity for physical movement Seat next to a good role model Daily check-in time with special Ed teacher Other_________________________________________

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