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What IS This RASH?

MOOOOO Yup! Cow milk

I know we all grew up on it...but times have changed. Our bodies are more sensitive now than they have been in the past. Excessive consumption of dairy products, especially among young children, may lead to excessive symptoms of eczema. Dairy products are the source of the many cases of eczema among children. Although it’s hard for infants to stay without milk due to nutrient deficiencies, parents need to contact their doctors for appropriate substitutes. There are really yummy alternatives for yogurt, cheese, milk and even ice cream! If you want a little "push" to get started, google cow milk and what it actually looks like before it is processed...

Sometimes you feel like a nut!

Not all types of nuts have been found to bring about itchy skin. However, peanuts and other types of nuts are allergic and can cause eczema among many people. Most of the people eat peanuts through peanut butter, especially in small quantities, and as such, they do not experience allergies. However, if you find that your children are demonstrating allergic problems after eating food containing peanuts, you may want to consider cutting out nuts for a few weeks and see if the rash goes away.

So What About Soy?

Soy is a leading cause of eczema around the world. Most people do not know it because soy is used in very many food products and has shown to be very nutritious. However, health experts warn that soy has the worst cases of eczema, and people should make sure they curtail the consumption of this product. It is important to read labels of chocolate and tea to see whether they contain soy so that you can avoid them if necessary. Often if one is sensitive to cow dairy, they are also sensitive to soy.

Bread, Cake Oh NO!!!!

Gluten and other wheat products have been associated with eczema. The problem is that such products form a significant proportion of foods that people have been consuming around the world. Some of the food products that have gluten include sauces, soups, and gummy candies, among others. If you find that gluten is worsening your eczema, it is essential to consider gluten-free products by reading on the labels. You need to carefully analyze the ingredients of most products so that you can be on the safe side. As with cow dairy, our bodies have become more sensitive over time. It is likely the chemicals sprayed on the crops are what is causing issues for most.

Oranges Are YUMMY, BUT...

Citrus fruits have Balsam of Peru allergen, which has been known to worsen eczema. Allergic people should not consume such fruits, and they have to get other sources of vitamins and natural sugars. As with everything else, cut out citrus and see if the rash goes away.

Tomayto, Tomahto

Tomatoes are just like citrus fruits. They are very necessary for the health of human beings, but they can cause eczema flare-ups. Various tomato species have been found to irritate most of the people with eczema, and they have made it worse for most of the people with various skin conditions. 


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